Justice League and Flashpoint

Justice League and Flashpoint

A few reports have emerged on the latest developments with the DC Universe of films, the first of which is about the soon to be released for home viewing – Justice League. There’s been a vocal movement campaigning for a Zack Snyder cut of the film included on the home video versions, however despite a petition to WB it doesn’t appear that it’s going to happen. In fact it now looks like the only additional footage that might be released for wide consumption will be one scene as a bonus in the special features. With previous rumors of an extended cut, or a Snyder cut, the inclusion of one bonus scene seems pretty disappointing.

There are many shots in the trailers nowhere to be found in the theatrical cut for the film, and while these scenes may not be worth re-editing into an extended cut, their inclusion as deleted scenes feature would be a welcome addition. With a likely March release date for DVD, blu-ray, 4k, and digital distribution we won’t have to wait long to find out what they finally decide to include/exclude!

In other DC film news, the never ending reports of Ben Affleck’s commitment to the setting continue, it seems the latest version of events is that playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Flash-centric Flashpoint film will be his last turn as the character. Such a Flash film could easily alter timelines, change reality, or even introduce a multiverse, it seems there would be plenty of opportunity for a story driven change of actor to take place as a part of Flashpoint, if that is indeed what Affleck wants.

It’s also being reported that Warner Bros actually approach Affleck to direct the Flashpoint film, which has had a number of directors come and go since its inception including Phil Lord and Chris Miller who were famously removed from the Han Solo film. If this offer was made, obviously Affleck turned it down given the announcement of duo director team John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Daley and Goldstein were co-writers on Spiderman: Homecoming, and also the directors of the Vacation reboot, which didn’t turn out so well.

Flashpoint is scheduled for a 2020 release date, we’ll have Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2 before then at least, but as to how Flashpoint progresses stay tuned.

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