Kate Walsh brings her new series Good Faith to WA

Kate Walsh brings her new series Good Faith to WA

She said she was going to do it and now she has, for those living under a rock Kate Walsh from Grey’s Anatomy fame (also recently on the big screen with Liam Neeson in Honest Thief) has been basically living in Perth since March due to covid she recently starred on stage in the Fremantle Theatre Company’s maiden production has finally got her next series greenlit and will be filming in Western Australia. 

The WA Government has invested $4 million to the production of Kate’s new international crime-drama television series she will play the lead role of ‘Faith’ and the series creator Mark Williams was the co-creator of hit Netflix series Ozark.

The government went on to add –

Funding will support the pre-production, shooting and post-production of ten one-hour episodes, with an estimated direct expenditure of $33 million in WA.

The production will also provide benefits to associated industries such as tourism and hospitality estimated at $180 million overall economic benefit to the State.

It is also estimated to create over 500 jobs for Western Australians, with a strong focus on building the capacity of the local screen sector through on the job training opportunities.

The screen sector is experiencing a worldwide surge in demand for content with the recent increase in streaming and online content services.

WA’s COVID free status and worldwide interest from the State Government’s recent call for proposals to develop state-of-the-art screen production facilities has created an increased interest in filming in the State.

Comments attributed to Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Western Australia to secure this international production to the State, creating jobs and helping build the capacity of the local screen sector.

“This production will bring new skills and opportunities to our screen sector, which has seen significant growth of 50 per cent over the last three years due to the State Government’s investment in the WA Screen Fund (formerly the Western Australian Regional Film Fund).

“Western Australia is in an enviable position due to our COVID free status, with international productions looking to the State to utilise our magnificent locations and make the most of the State Government’s hard work and health measures that have kept us safe.”

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