Kevin Smith Announces – SIR

Kevin Smith Announces – SIR

On a recent episode of his podcast with Scott Moiser – Smodcast, Kevin Smith has announced Smodcast Internet Radio or SIR, an internet radio station which is evolving from the current suite of shows released on the Smodcast podcast network. Smith announced that for this new venture the Smodcast network is parterning with Stitcher Radio, whos application can be used for computer and mobile device for tuning in. SIR will also be streaming via the website

In his announcement Smith indicated that when SIR launches on May 9 2011, the initial daily live content will consist of;

PST 8AM – 10AM: Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach; and

PST 12PM – 2pm: Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

Outside of these hours SIR will consist of the regular shows released on the Smodcast network including;

Plus One
Hollywood Babble-On
Tell ‘em Steve Dave
Puck Nuts
Blow Hard
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
Red State – Meet the Press
Highlands A Peephole History
SMarriage at Smodcastle; and
Bagged and Boarded.

When new shows aren’t being streamed, SIR will be constantly airing the back catalogue of episodes of all the shows that are released via the Smodcast network, many of these shows have been running for quite some time so there is an extensive amount of content that will be airing.

Smith has further stated that over the first few months of SIR broadcasting, it will be the intention to build up the daily amount of live content from four hours to twelve hours while still allowing for all the current shows to be released for download via the Smodcast web site as usual.

Lastly as if this wasn’t big enough news, Smith has also announced PodU, in which he will be selecting podcasts sent to him via e-mail for airing over SIR. All interested participants can send their podcasts to for consideration to be aired under the PodU feature of SIR.

So far fans of any of the shows released over the Smodcast network this should be pretty exciting, be sure to setup Stitcher on your platform for tuning into SIR, and remember the launch date of May 9, 2011.

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