Kevin Smith tweets Clerks 3 Possible…

Kevin Smith tweets Clerks 3 Possible…

It’s no real secret at that a few of us a huge fans of Kevin Smith and Clerks was one of the reasons why I started to love watching movies and eventhough he said hes going to retire after filming ‘Hit Somebody’ he just sent out a very interesting Tweet.

Slashfilm has the whole story but in a nutsell, with the first Clerks film coming up to its 20th Anniversary Smith as said that if Jeff Anderson comes on board (Played Randall in the original films) he would love make Clerks 3 but instead of on screen this time on Broadway! Here’s the tweet.

Now I really do like this idea I can easily see Clerks 3 having a decent run on Broadway, but the only downside for me is that many of us, won’t be able to make the pilgrimage to New York to see it! So in a way its rather disappointing for those hard core Kevin Smith Fans!

Check out the video below of Smith explaining what he wants to do in a bit more detail, but I would love to know your thoughts.. do you think its a good idea?

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