Kristen Wiig to play the Villain in Wonder Woman 2?

Kristen Wiig to play the Villain in Wonder Woman 2?

Rumours are out that the ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum will play Cheetah in the next Wonder Woman film, Patty Jenkins is returning to Direct the film with Gal and supposedly theres reports that Chris Pine will be returning, although it’s not entirely clear how, given the ending of ‘Wonder Woman’.

“Dr. Barbara Minerva, alias Cheetah is a British archaeologist who had garnered a reputation to go to any lengths to secure an artifact. Born as the heiress of a vast fortune in the ancient family site in Nottinghamshire, her life would change dramatically following an expedition she led into a dense African jungle.”

I love Kristen Wiig in pretty much everything she does but this seems like a massive departure from anything we have seen her to do before and I’m totally intrigued to see how this plays out. 

Wonder Woman 2 is due to hit cinemas November 2019, so I guess filming should start pretty soon. 

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