Last Chance to Experience Luna Outdoor

Last Chance to Experience Luna Outdoor


The promise of a good film, tasty food and drink and a comfy beanbag lured me to Luna Leederville’s outdoor cinema last night (even though it was raining!) Check out my thoughts on Perth’s urban outdoor cinema before it closes for the season.

It’s scary people:  summer is over. You know the good weather is at an end when the outdoor cinemas pack away their projectors. This realisation motivated me to brave the monsoon conditions of Thursday night and head to one of the last outdoor cinemas standing, Luna Leederville, to catch the opening of Kon Tiki (review to come!)

You gotta give Luna their dues; doubtful the evening would go ahead with the constant rain and ever- darkening storm clouds, I called them to check if my film was cancelled. The lovely, highly chirpy girl on the phone sounded surprised to hear such a question: “yes ofcourse!” she chimed. Clearly Luna stops for no man!

Now let me be quite honest; I like a good outdoor film once in a while for a change, BUT I am usually highly picky about what flicks I will watch in such a setting. Why? Because people tend to act like the outdoor cinema is taking place on their front porch, chatting at full volume and moving about without hesitation. 

Call me grumpy, but I don’t like the distraction. Thus I can often be critical of outdoor cinema, finding that these factors (and the open space) reduces viewer immersion.

This is where Luna’s outdoor trumps the others in Perth.

Luna is sheltered, enclosed on all sides. Whilst at first I wrinkled my nose at what I labeled ‘the concrete box’, I was converted by the closing credits: it’s warmer, sheltered, there are less bugs, and you still feel enclosed enough to achieve the intimacy with the screen that I love about going to see a movie at the cinemas. The mature trees in the courtyard ensure you still feel in touch with nature and offered the perfect interactive experience in Kon Tiki as the vegetation kindly rustled in the wind right at the same time the wind blew in the movie. What a nice touch! (Not that I can credit Luna for that…)

Yes, half the deck chairs were wet and the over-eager early arrivers had nabbed all the beanbags (b*stards!) but all in all, a fabulous night out.

Luna outdoor is only programmed for 9 more days of sessions. My advice – get there NOW. There is even a licensed bar so you can make a real night of it.

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