Leith’s Top 10 for 2016…

Leith’s Top 10 for 2016…

With 2016 behind us it’s time for some reflection on favourite films that cropped up over the last twelve months, and as per usual it’s been a difficult process of culling them all down to just ten. However, after much consideration and over-thinking, this is my finalised list for 2016, in alphabetical order…

10 Cloverfield Lane

From newcomer Dan Trachtenberg this unexpected Cloverfield follow-up film delivered an innovative and well scripted character driven thriller/drama that shouldn’t be missed. It features great performances and excellent direction which leaves me excited for what Trachtenberg will do next.


It’s quite amazing this film was even made, in the current age of franchise cinema and built-in audiences this project struggled to raise finance, however the final product is thought provoking, engaging and compelling, and well worthy of being on top 10 lists for 2016.



Deadpool hit all the right notes for the character and made no apologies for doing so, it’s violent, crude and hilarious and remained true to the character. 20th Century Fox tested the waters for a harder ratings classification and their gamble paid off.


Green Room

This film was in great hands with director Jeremy Saulnier managing to deliver this horror flick with enough detail and writing so that the audience actually cares about these characters as the horror is unveiled around them. If you’re a fan of slasher and horror films there is plenty to be found here, but with a smart take on the genre that is likely to see this film become an instant cult classic.

Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson directs this film about the true story of Army Medic Desmond Doss, who served in the pacific theatre of World War 2, yet refused to kill people in combat. It’s a confronting film with excellent attention to detail and great performances across the cast.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

From director Taika Waititi, this is an outstanding film and continues Waititi’s run of good films leading up to Thor 3, I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes in the Marvel Universe.


Moana is not only one of the best animated films of the year, it’s one of the best films of the year. With fascinating mythology, a fun adventure tale, and a refreshing central character this is an excellent film that should not be missed.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars returned this year with a standalone story, the first of its kind to begin alternating with the dynastic episodic tales. Set almost immediately before Episode IV, Rogue One tells a compelling tale with a diverse range of interesting characters, and is constructed in a way which seamlessly not only integrates, but improves existing films of the franchise. Rogue One is a financial and critical success which has secure the future of these standalone star wars tales.

The Founder

Michael Keaton’s performance in this film is excellent as it covers the tale of Ray Kroc and the rise of McDonalds. Boasting an engaging script from Robert D. Siegel (who also worked on The Wrestler), The Founder was easily the highlight of character driven film in 2016, and the fact that it is based on actual events simply makes the film even more captivating.

The Nice Guys

Shane Black returns to form following his brief stopover in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with what has been described as the spiritual successor to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

So there you have it, my top 10 films for 2016, it’s been a busy year for AccessReel with more things to come in 2017, I hope you’ll continue with us on this ride.

Leith spent most of his formative years growing up on the coastal fringes of Western Australia without a cinema in sight. There he grew up on the wonders of home rentals before relocating to Perth and gaining access to a proper cinematic experience just in time for the Star Wars Special Edition re-releases. From there Leith's love of movies expanded to volunteering on a Star Wars fan film, reviewing films, writing about film news, and attending film and pop-culture related conventions on the other side of the world. Leith's favourite films are too many to mention but all start with the Star Wars saga, Back to the Future, the Dark Knight trilogy, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and all things Kevin Smith. With an insatiable appetite for all things pop-culture related Leith also has an unhealthy addiction to the world of comics and can often be found buried under a pile of unread back issues madly trying to catch up on a number of titles coming out from mostly DC and Darkhorse.