Leo DiCaprio Plans Robin Hood Origins Flick!

Leo DiCaprio Plans Robin Hood Origins Flick!


Apparently five years is too long without a Robin Hood film; there are already multiple parties scrambling to bring us another….Even Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the fray!

With origin movies being the genre of choice at present, Leo’s production company Appian Way is set to produce “a gritty reinvention of the classic character” via the flick ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS.

The script will be penned by Joby Harold (the guy behind Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur franchise), though plot details are still tightly under wraps.

ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS is currently in competition with two other projects. One is Disney’s NOTTINGHAM & HOOD, written by Brandon Barker, which has been described as a “revisionist” take in the vein of Disney’s PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise.

The other is Sony’s HOOD. The script by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott is described as being similar in tone to the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS movies. Apparently the idea is to set up a Marvel-style universe, with different films focusing on various members of the Merry Men.

It’s rumoured there’s a possibility Sony will pick up ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS to merge it into HOOD, but no confirmation on that just yet.

Whatever flick comes out on top, it seems certain we’ll get another big-screen depiction of the outlaw before long!



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