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Lindsay Lohan replaced by Malin Akerman

Lindsay Lohan replaced by Malin Akerman

It appears that Lindsay Lohan has had yet another set back in her career. Previously announced as depicting the lead in ‘inferno’ a biopic of Porn actress Linda Lovelace, Lindsay has recently been removed from the production and replaced with Malin Akerman

Several reports on the incident assure the public that the decision was purely based on concerns for Lindsay’s health and wellbeing due to another stint in rehab. However other reports state that director Matthew Wilder’s decision to axe her from the role was because the “impossibility of insuring her — and some other issues — have made it impossible for us to go forward.” 

Chris Hanley the producer for the film, supports the decision and states “Lindsay had scheduling issues due to legal obligations and is continuing to focus on getting better in rehabilitation in Palm Springs…For herself and her career in general, it was really her decision to just focus on getting better psychologically”. Hanley also sings praise for Malin Akerman stepping in for the role of Lovelace explaining that Akerman “has the talent to meet [the] challenge” of playing Lovelace.

Malin Akerman, previously well known for her comedic roles in ‘The Heartbreak kid’ and ‘Couples Retreat’ took a dramatic turn as the Silk Spectre in last year’s masterpiece ‘Watchmen’. Akerman has proven herself to be a talented and versatile actress who in my opinion will do well depicting the traumatic and prolific life of the worlds most famous Porn actress.

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