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Lion King 3D Roars At Box Office

Lion King 3D Roars At Box Office

Reports this weekend show that the new 3D version of Disney’s THE LION KING earned US$29.3 million at the Box Office. The original movie was released in 1994. It made $US 40 million in its initial run coming second only to FORREST GUMP in the Box Office. 

The next three (live action) movies from the weekend Top 10 list were the Ryan Gosling film DRIVE, STRAW DOGS and Sarah Jessica Parker’s I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT The three movies combined did not do as much business as THE LION KING 3D. 

Disney executives are said to be surprised at the strong showing, originally projecting an opening weekend of between $10 million and $12 million; especially as the Blu-Ray version is due for release in a few weeks time. Industry analysts point out the success of THE LION KING 3D makes it the first 3D release in a year to do significantly better than the 2D version that is also available in cinemas. 

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