Lisa Gerrard added to Hans Zimmer Tour

Lisa Gerrard added to Hans Zimmer Tour

It’s been announced that Lisa Gerrard will be joining Hans Zimmer on his Australian tour. Gerrard is an Australian musician who began her career in 1981 and received a Golden Globe for Gladiator on which she collaborated with Zimmer. Shes worked on some incredible films not only with Zimmer and its incredible addition to the tour, take a look below.

Lisa has worked with Zimmer on the following scores.


Mission: Impossible II

Black Hawk Down

Tears of the Sun

The Bible

Son of God

Here’s a taste of some of her other popular work.

King Arthur

Man on Fire

Man of Steel

Lisa has also contributed to other scores including Samsara, Priest, I, Frankestein, The Water Diviner, Tanna and more recently Jane Got a Gun.

Lebo M is also joining Zimmer and Gerrard you will definitely know him as ‘the voice’ of The Lion King soundtrack!

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