Lord of the Rings TV Series In Talks

Lord of the Rings TV Series In Talks

Move over GAME OF THRONES! There’s talk of a new fantasy TV show in the pipeline…

Just incase six live-action films and an animation isn’t enough, it seems Middle Earth manics will get yet another chance to journey back to the land of hairy feet, cave trolls and magic rings. Exciting news for fans: Warner Bros. and J.R.R Tolkien’s estate are in early discussions with Amazon Studios to create a series based on the late author’s most famous offering, THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Sources report Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (who is known to be a fan of fantasy and science fiction) is personally involved in the negotiations, but no deal has yet been set.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the turn of the millennium, you’ll know of the success of Peter Jackson’s big screen LOTR adaptation. Split in three films, the final instalment won 11 Oscars – including Best Picture – and collected more than $1 billion (USD) at the box office. This was followed by the less revered HOBBIT series…which still made a hefty sum of money despite its short fallings.

It’s a high profile project to be sure, but comes with no guarantee of success…after all, the 2007 West End stage production folded to mixed reviews after just 13 months (and costing $25 million USD to produce).

AccessReel will keep you updated as LOTR TV progresses!

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