Luna Outdoor In Motion

Luna Outdoor In Motion

The Luna Outdoor is officially open for the Perth summer season. The program is packed with gems which will improve your street credibility and reputation in The Zeitgeist.

Music fans can lend their ears and eyes to some fine sonic documentaries such as Muscle Shoals, about the Alabama recording studios that produced hit records that shaped the history of popular music; Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer about the feminist punk band and art collective that scared President Putin and Made of Stone Shane Meadows’ fan film covering the 2012 reunion and tour of The Stone Roses.

A-listers Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey are in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.  In addition you can experience the likes of Bruce Dern in Nebraska; Spike Jonze’s Her with Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Scarlet Johansson, the wonderfully engaging In Bob We Trust, “one of the best Australian films of any kind in years” about outspoken Melbourne Priest Father Bob Maguire.

But wait, there’s more…the crime drama American Hustle directed by David O. Russell  with Christian Bale, Jennifer  Lawrence and Amy Adams; Ben Stiller’s  Secret Life of Walter Mitty and cult sensation The Room returns hosted by the avuncular Tristan Fidler.

You’ll want to keep up with the ever-changing lazy susan of filmic delights and for that, you need the Luna Outdoor calendar in glorious pdf.

It’s going to be one helluva summer…






Saturday 7th December

Join us for a Talking Pictures evening with special guest director MICHAEL KANTOR who will introduce and talk about his genre-defying cinema debut following the 8.00pm screening on Saturday 7th December at Luna Outdoor. Pre-screening music by Perth Jazz Society, delectable wine by Brad and Mantra Wines and delicious pizzas from Siena’s in Leederville.



Monday 16 December

What better way to celebrate this controversial and engaging Russian feminist punk rock protest group based in Moscow with some musical entertainment from RTRFM92.1, Little Creatures Brewing and Pipsqueak Cider plus Siena’s tasty pizzas. Featuring DJ Holly Doll



Sunday Dec 22, Sunday Jan 12 and Sunday Feb 2

Sundays will never be the same again!   Join us as director, writer and star Tommy Wiseau creeps back onto our screens. THE ROOM is billed as “THE CITIZEN KANE OF BAD MOVIES!”  The event will be hosted by Tristan Fiddler who will guide you through a strange, bizarre and hilariously unique cinematic experience that will stay in your membrane all your life! Viewer guides and plastic spoons provided! But bring your own plastic spoon and save us the money!  Enjoy some discounted beer specials at the Luna Lounge bar. (Must be 18 + ID may be required)



Saturday 11 January from 7.00pm

Celebrate this mesmerizing film about Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Alabama that was the breeding ground for some of   most creative and defiant music in American History with some cool musical entertainment by RTRFM92.1, Little Creatures Brewing and Pipsqueak Cider, plus Wine by Brad and Mantra Wines plus tasty pizzas from Siena’s in Leederville. Featuring DJ Jade Nobbys



Saturday 25th January from 7.00pm

Join us for this special screening  Wolf of Wall Street with  Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp  making a special  appearance and  presenting  on screen their animated Where in the World (a song for the summer) In addition you enjoy  some complimentary  Wine by Brad and Mantra Wines,  and  delicious  pizzas from Siena’s in Leederville.

Download the PDF calendar from HERE

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