Luna Outdoor – Mixing It Up

Luna Outdoor – Mixing It Up


The Luna Outdoor has prepared a filmic smörgåsbord for the coming week. There’s a great mix of new and classic movies from all over the map. From Sarah Polley to Tommy Wiseau, from Dom Hemingway to The Dude, it’s all here. So don’t over load your plate, you can come back for seconds. Check out the menu…

Sun Mar 16 at 8.00pm

Jeff Bridges is The Dude in the Coen Brothers’ cult classic revolving around a case of mistaken identity complicated by extortion, double-crosses, deception, embezzlement, sex, pot, and gallons of White Russians.Following the amazing debut of Monkey Collective’s sold out Labyrinth Experience, here is another amazing chance to immerse yourself in the cult classics. With Cheap and Cheerful catering and licensed bar area these are the nights to come out and play. Tickets are limited. This will sell out.

Mon Mar 17 at 8.00pm

Actress Sarah Polley unpeels the complex life of her mother Diane, an aspiring actress, and the shockwaves that a series of impulsive actions unleash on her children, husband and community. With this groundbreaking new feature/documentary that seamlessly blends past and present, the real and the imagined. Winner of 10 international Best Documentary Awards.

Tue Mar 18 at 8.00pm

Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa) returns to Paris from Tehran, at his estranged French wife Marie (Bérénice Bejo)’s request, in order to finalize their divorce procedure so she can marry her new boyfriend Samir (Tahar Rahim). During his tense, brief stay, Ahmad discovers the conflicting nature of Marie’s relationship with her teenage daughter Lucie (Pauline Burlet). Ahmad’s efforts to improve this relationship soon unveil a secret from their past. From the director of A Separation.

Wed Mar 19 at 8.00pm

Based on an incredible true story of Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from upstate New York, who is abducted and sold into slavery in 1853. Co-starring Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch and newcomer Lupita Nyong’o. Nominated for 9 Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Thur Mar 20 to Sat Mar 22 at 8.00pm

Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) is all mouth and no trousers. Law ditches the clean-cut image, piles on some pounds and swears his faaacking head off. Dom has spent 12 years behind bars. And for what? So criminal boss Mr. Fontaine (Demian Bichir) could stay out of jail. So when Dom gets out, he wants what’s owed to him. Soon enough, he and old pal Dickie (Richard E. Grant, channelling the ghost of Withnail) head to Fontaine’s French mansion to collect some serious faaacking money.

THUR MAR 20 from 6.45pm Musical entertainment by DJ Tyranny, featuring Little Creatures Brewing, Pipsqueak Cider, Wine by Brad and Mantra Wines plus delicious Siena’s Pizzas (whilst stocks last) is going to entertain you. Supported by Sound Solutions.

Sun Mar 23 at 8.00pm

Tommy Wiseau’s ‘disasterpiece’ The Room has been hailed as the biggest cult film since Rocky Horror. Sooooo bad it’s good, it’s drawn a cult following in the US and here with viewers acting out skits, storming out in disgust, and throwing plastic cutlery during screenings. This Citizen Kane of Bad Movies is hosted by Tristan Filder who will guide you through the experience.

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