Luna Outdoor: Of Dallas and The Future

Luna Outdoor: Of Dallas and The Future


DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (Fri 14, Sat15, Mon 17-Wed19 February)

The Dallas Buyers Club kicks off tonight (Friday 14) at the Luna Outdoor in Leederville.

Matthew McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof in his Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated tour-de-force performance. In this true story, Woodroof was given 30 days to live after a shock HIV diagnosis in 1986. To circumvent federal drug laws he started a “buyers club,” allowing himself and others to import non-approved medicines and supplements – which put him at odds with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.

Woodruff’s tale is about survival in the face of fear and ignorance. His own as well others’. McConaughey has hit as career high point with his performance here.


BACK TO THE FUTURE (Sun 16 February)

Following the amazing debut of the sold out Labyrinth Experience, Monkey Collective brings you yet another amazing chance to immerse yourself in the cult classics.  Hosted by our mad scientist Doc Brown we’ll load you up with your complimentary participation goodie bags and read you through the rules for playing along to the film! This is no ordinary cinema experience….

We’ve got to go back!! To THE FUTURE!!! Grab your tickets to the immersive cinema experience of a lifetime go on a journey through time. With a preshow performance, outlandish science contraptions and a costume competition with amazing prizes! With Cheap and Cheerful catering and licensed bar area these are the nights to come out and play!

To buy tickets to these great events hit the link.

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