Luna Outdoor: Of Tracks, Llewyn Davis and The National

Luna Outdoor: Of Tracks, Llewyn Davis and The National


Thanks to the Luna Outdoor, the cultural oasis that is Leederville is graced by some fine filmic offerings in the forthcoming week. Cutting a bright rectangle in the night sky are a new Australian film that adapts Robyn Davison’s best selling book Tracks, the music documentary Mistaken for Strangers and the Coen brothers’ comedy on the early 1960s New York folk scene, Inside Llewyn Davis

Sat Mar 8 at 8.00pm
Mon Mar 10 to Wed Mar 12 at 8.00pm

Tracks is based on the inspirational and iconic true story of Robyn Davidson. Her phenomenal solo trek from Alice Springs to Uluru and on to the Indian Ocean saw her traverse 2700km of spectacular yet unforgiving Australian desert accompanied only by her loyal dog and four unpredictable camels. Starring Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Adam Driver (HBO’s Girls). AccessReel review here.

Sun Mar 9 at 8.00pm

In 2010, after ten years as critical darlings, the rock band The National was finally enjoying wider recognition. As they were about to embark on the biggest tour of their career, lead singer Matt Berninger invited his younger brother, Tom, to be a part of their tour crew. A budding filmmaker and horror movie enthusiast, Tom brought along his camera to film the experience. The film Tom finally produced is a hilarious and touching look at two very different brothers, and an odd but strangely moving portrait of a popular, nuanced band.

Thur Mar 13 to Sat Mar 15 at 8.00pm

The Coen Brothers funny, melancholic elegy to early 1960s folk music is as cinematically nimble as it is musically rich. Shambolic and self-absorbed, Llewyn (Oscar Isaac) is a penniless Greenwich Village musician trying to make it as a solo artist. Things go from hapless to hopeless when Llewyn loses the beloved marmalade cat of a couple he crashes with and then discovers that his fling with married songstress Jean (Carey Mulligan) has resulted in a very unwanted pregnancy. AccessReel review here.

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