Machine: The Q&A Screening

Machine: The Q&A Screening

Will the future be a utopia or a dystopia? Every day we hear new stories about advances in Artificial Intelligence or how our jobs will be done by robots. In a world where machines are fast becoming smarter than people, what does our increasing reliance upon technology mean for our future? And who, if anyone, is controlling the rise of this new technology?

Join director Justin Krook; artist, roboticist Pindar Van Arman and Audi AG’s Miklós Kiss to examine the practical applications and ethical questions raised by new developments in AI with a Q&A and panel discussion after an advance screening of MACHINE on Friday 6th December (6.30pm) at Luna Leederville.

Justin Krook cut his teeth as a director, editor and visual effects artist for music videos and film trailers, his first feature, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead  examines the life and career of DJ Steve Aoki. The film was nominated for a Grammy.

Pindar Van Arman is an American artist and roboticist who designs painting robots that explore the differences between human and computational creativity.

Miklós Kiss has a background in neuropsychology, linguistics and human-machine interfaces. Since 2017, he has been in charge of advance development of the functions necessary for automated driving at Audi AG.

MACHINE is a thought-provoking new film that examines not only the practical applications of AI but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments

With expert insights from engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, neurosurgeons, philosophers, ethicists and more including Australian data scientist and digital ‘rock star’ Toby Walsh, pioneering fighter pilot turned autonomous vehicle systems professor Missy Cummings, and roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who famously made a lifelike android that resembles him to an uncanny extent.

MACHINE examines our fast-changing, AI-infused reality, as well as its immense impact upon everything from identity and creativity to longevity and sexuality. (English, German, Japanese with English subtitles)

Screening 6:30pm, Friday December 6, 2019.  Further details here.

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