Making A Frankenstein Monster

Making  A Frankenstein Monster

After decades of hordes of the undead roaming through our minds, you would think Hollywood would feel zombied out, however tired audiences are of seeing vampires kissing up to teenagers, the undead will always be kick ass. There are too many zombie movies being made, what about switching to a more romantic sub genre of the undead? The Frankenstein’s monster. Brilliant, you say, but alas even this may deem to become tiresome with at least four different projects floating around.

“This Dark Endeavour is the first of the many adaptations of novels based on the “Frankenstein” myth. An adaptation of Kenneth Oppel’s novel and produced by Summit, This Dark Endeavour centres around Victor’s twin brother Konrad, who becomes gravely ill. Victor discovers a secret library of alchemy and ancient remedy books, and sets out to find the ingredients for the Elixir of Life that will save Konrad. TDE will be directed by Matt Reeves of Cloverfield and Let Me In fame.

Meanwhile over at Ghost House production with Sam Raimi, the ghoulish team is conducting experiments on a “re imagining” of Peter Akroyd’s  “The casebook of Victor Frankenstein” which toys around with Victors early years as a student, who dabbled in the resurrection of the dead, became friends with poets and ran afoul of a group of dangerous “resurrectionists”. There was also the Danny Boyle Theatre stage production of Frankenstein, which saw a limited release in selected Australian cinemas, Guillermo Del Toro’s traditional re telling, an adaptation of Dean Koontz’s modern novelisation of Frankenstein and a sequel to the Bruce Campbell vehicle My name is Bruce, Bruce Vs Frankenstein. There is fun, terror, spine chilling and tingling intrigue in every thought of those. Good and bad.

They don’t miss a beat them Hollywood types.