Meet the new Christian Grey and his brother

Meet the new Christian Grey and his brother

As we reported earlier, Charlie Hunnam quit his role in Fifty Shades of Grey, which left the studio scrambling to find a new leading man.   It seems they finally found the one! Irish actor and model Jamie Dornan has signed on to play the dominating Christian Grey. 

While Dornan, is not exactly household name at the moment, he has modelled underwear for Calvin Klein and Armani in the past.   Given the explicit nature of the novels, no doubt his modelling experience will be some sort of an asset. After all, he is already “experienced” and comfortable wearing very little clothing in front of millions of people.

If you are wondering where else you had seen him, well he has appeared as Sheriff Graham Humbert in the TV show Once Upon a Time. He’s also played a serial killer in the drama The Fall, which Australian audiences can currently see on Foxtel.
So far, the announcement that Dornan will be Grey has not been met with major disappointment from fans of the books, unlike his predecessor.

The film makers have also casted True Blood actor Luke Grimes, as Christian Grey’s funny, easy going, and romantic brother, Elliot Grey. 

With everything being back on track, filming is set to start a week from now. Leaving the two new leading men very little time to prepare for their roles.

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