Meryl Proves Her Mettle In THE IRON LADY

Meryl Proves Her Mettle In THE IRON LADY

Baroness Thatcher is back getting the big numbers again. THE IRON LADY has secured a clear victory at the Australian box office with the number one screen average of all the films released on Boxing Day. Opening on 114 screens, in four days since December 26, it has taken $1,936,562 for a phenomenal $16,987 screen average.

This result shows ‘The Iron Lady’ is leading the people to the box office, ahead of ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’ and ‘War Horse’ in second and third place with screen averages of $11,045 and $9,236 respectively. As with last years ‘The King’s Speech’, Boxing Day is once again dominated by a commanding and heartfelt film about a British leader.

Australian audiences may be setting the tone worldwide as this local box office triumph comes on the eve of the US release (December 30) and ahead of the UK release (6 January), where success is sure to follow post superb reviews from across the world. The accolades are promising, with Meryl Streep securing a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, Drama, ahead of the January 15 awards.

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