Miami Connection – Trash Classic Tonight!

Miami Connection – Trash Classic Tonight!

Perthians, if you’re looking for a different movie experience tonight (Sunday November 10) then you might want to travel to Leederville and make a Miami Connection. Confused? Read on…

After the success of screening the ‘best worst movie’ Troll 2, VHS Tracking and Luna Cinemas continue their series of Trash Classics, little known films that are “so bad, they’re good”. This time the genre is martial arts and the movie is the cult classic, Miami Connection (1987).

Miami is swamped in vice and violence during the late eighties and a group of friends studying at university play in a new wave band called Dragon Sound. Unfortunately, due to their connections in the live music club scene, Dragon Sound find themselves in the middle of a gang war. Thankfully this band also studies taekwondo together and knows how to kick butt. What transpires in this low-budget action movie includes dated late-1980s hairstyles and fashions, toe-tapping rock tunes, brilliantly choreographed martial arts fight scenes and unconvincing prosthetic effects.

Co-directed, produced and starring taekwondo master Y.K. Kim who nearly bankrupted himself by mortgaging his school of martial arts to fund this movie, this box office flop and the direct-to-video experience was rediscovered by the Alamo Drafthouse in 2012. Since then, Miami Connection has delighted audiences with its hilarious imperfections, yes, but also inspires through its positive spirit and big-hearted messages. Once seen, you will never forget it – that, and the ear-worm tunes of Dragon Sound: “Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty/We’ll stay together, through thick or thin…”

Presented by VHS Tracking and Luna Cinemas, this will be a special night of big laughs and bizarre sights! Hosted by Tristan Fidler (from The Room screenings and RTRFM’s Movie Squad). Ticketing details here.


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