Michael B. Jordan to Direct Creed III

Michael B. Jordan to Direct Creed III

This story has taken some time to percolate. As we all know, the successful ROCKY movie franchise starring Sylvester Stallone began in 1976. The spin-off CREED franchise starring Michael B. Jordan began in 2015 has one sequel and will go to a third picture. It has just been confirmed that Jordan will direct.

ROCKY and CREED producer Irwin Winkler wrote and released a book back in 2019 called A Life in Movies: Stories From 50 Years in Hollywood. In it, he wrote of Jordan: “I offered him the opportunity to not only star in, but also to direct Creed III.” This tidbit became Internet chat in October of this year, more than a year after the book’s publication. Maybe people don’t like reading.

Now, Jordan’s CREED co-star Tessa Thompson has revealed in an interview that Jordan will indeed direct the eventual sequel. This will be Jordan’s directorial debut. Much has been made about the historical link back to Stallone who directed and wrote ROCKY II and made that first sequel a major box office success. Very little has been said about Stallone’s actual directorial debut being the 1978 film PARADISE ALLEY. Maybe people don’t like movie history.

Will Michael B. Jordan steer CREED III to becoming a box office champ? Only time and Accessreel News will tell.

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