Michael Caton – RAMS

Michael Caton – RAMS

We chat to Michael Caton who plays sheep farmer Les opposite Sam Neill (who plays his brother Colin). The film RAMS showcases the wonderful South West of Western Australia.

Caton is a versatile character with a long career.  Back in 1969 he was in an episode of our nation’s most famous television show of the era, SKIPPY.  A couple of years later, in 1971 he was in a Melbourne production of the controversial stage musical HAIR. Much later he hosted the TV show HOT PROPERTY from 1999-2012.

He is probably best known for a range of Aussie characters he has played through the decades. From 1976-1983 he was the larrikin Uncle Harry in the World War 2 family drama THE SULLIVANS. He played Ted Taylor in the popular PACKED TO THE RAFTERS (2008-2013). Most notably he played suburban patriarch Daryl Kerrigan in the hit comedy feature THE CASTLE (1997). If you’ve ever said “How’s the serenity?” then you’re quoting Caton’s most famous line. 

The actor is also capable of serious drama as in his portrayal of a dying taxi driver in the powerful LAST CAB TO DARWIN (2014). That film was directed by Jeremy Sims and the pair were reunited for the making of RAMS. 

Darran recently had the pleasure of interviewing Caton over zoom to celebrate the release of RAMS on Australian screens on October 29.

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The Story: In remote Western Australia, two estranged brothers, Colin (Sam Neill) and Les (Michael Caton), are at war. Raising separate flocks of sheep descended from their family’s prized bloodline, the two men work side by side yet are worlds apart. When Les’s prize ram is diagnosed with a rare and lethal illness, authorities order a purge of every sheep in the valley. While Colin attempts to stealthily outwit the powers that be, Les opts for angry defiance. But can the warring brothers set aside their differences and have a chance to reunite their family, save their herd, and bring their community back together?

RAMS opens in cinemas October 29