Monsters Sequel Announced

Monsters Sequel Announced

The indie low-budget sci-fi hit of 2010 was Gareth Edwards’ MONSTERS. The film is set in near future Mexico on the edge of a massive infected zone that reaches all the way to the US border. The Zone is home to strange forms of alien life that arrived six years previously on a crashed NASA probe. The story concerns a cynical photographer escorting an American industrialist’s daughter through The Zone and back to the United States .(AccessReel review here.)

The film was a minor hit on the arthouse circuit and reputedly cost $15,000 to shoot and $500,000 to make. Now, a sequel MONSTERS 2, has been announced at Cannes. At $5,000,000 the projected budget is ten times the original. Producer Allan Niblo said, “MONSTERS 2 will expand the world created in the original whilst upping the action ante.” This direction could seem unsuitable to fans of the subtle, character-driven MONSTERS.

Gareth Ewards will not direct but executive produce along with MONSTERS’ lead actor Scoot McNairy. The story will concern two brothers on a “heart of darkness” journey through the Infected Zone. Argentina will be the main location for the alien wilderness.

Edwards who also wrote and did all the special effects on MONSTERS has graduated to an even bigger monster flick – he has been announced as the director of the new Godzilla reboot. Fans of the rubber suited Japanese icon and Edwards’ original film are about to be sequelled whether they like it or not.

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