More Schumacher Batman!?

More Schumacher Batman!?

This is an interesting one, and something to file away strictly under rumour at the moment however some may recall that Batman Forever and Batman and Robin director Joel Schumacher was at one point planning a Batman trilogy.

The third and never released film was called Batman Triumphant, and was rumoured to feature Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and Man-Bat. Interestingly this version of Harley Quinn was to be the Joker’s daughter, and supposedly there were moves a foot to try and have Nicholson return as the Joker via Scarcrow’s fear gas. Obviously once the world witnessed Batman and Robin all these plans were scrapped.

It’s now been reported that Schumacher is working on a 12-issue comic book miniseries, that will return to Schumacher’s take on a three film Batman tale and retell the entire trilogy from scratch as one large story. If true, don’t expect to see simply an adaptation of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin with Triumphant tacked on at the end, this is touted as his uncompromised original vision for a trilogy to form one grand Batman tale.

Does this idea have you cowering in fear? Or are you interested to see what he really wanted to do with the character? Let us know what you think and if this turns out to be true, would you pick up the comics?

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