Morgan Spurlocks – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlocks – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

For lovers like me of everything documentary here comes Morgan Spurlocks next project which is titled MORGAN SPURLOCK’S POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD this time around Spurlock dives into the world of branding, advertising and product placement that is financed and made possible by brands, advertising and product placement. (Bit confusing isn’t it) but pretty much every movie that comes out these days has some sort of Advertising around it or within it! And sometimes lots of it.

Morgan Spurlock is most well known for his movie “Super Size Me” where bascially he eats McDonalds for 30days straight for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! I for one thought this documentary really opened the eyes of most people especially when not even half way in his body turned to crap and he started throwing up everywhere.

Now when it comes to product placement in movies, Michael Bay is up there with the best of them.. From ‘Transformers’ to ‘The Island’ .. check out this video below, someone managed to highlight all the product placement in ‘The Island’.

Anyways, Check out the trailer below.. Theres no release dates for Australia as yet, as I think he is still shopping for a distributor.

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