Movies you love but no one else does?

Movies you love but no one else does?

Well maybe not no one else, however there are times when even the best of us can feel somewhat out of place or on their own when we walk out of a movie theatre having just watched a new release film with some friends only to discover that while we may have loved it, everyone else seems to loathe it.

What’s a movie buff to do? Unfortunately there are just those films that we may have to keep as guilty pleasures, grab a copy on DVD or blu-ray and just leave aside for some solo-viewing sessions, lest we undertake the mission to convince our family and friends that on repeat viewings they’ll start to see the genius that wasn’t apparent on their first viewing.

So what movies do we here at accessreel love that tend to get a bit of a puzzled look and a shake of the head when we bring them up in discussions with our peers. Let’s start with accessreel chief Darran, who when asked this question responded with;

Battle LA, loved every minute of it and every critic in the world hated it.

For those who don’t know ‘Battle LA’ is the alien invasion film set in Los Angeles (obviously) released in 2011 and starring Aaron Eckhart. The film has something of a Call of Duty but with aliens feel to it, and rates an impressive 37 on metacritic. Darran isn’t wrong about all the critics hating that one.

Next up we have Sian, who has put forward two films for her guilty pleasures list a follows;

Death to Smoochy, directed by Danny Devito this is a black comedy starring a naïve and innocent Edward Norton and a psychotic, sadistic Robin Williams about the corruption in kids television. This movie is typically Danny Devito: not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s freakin hilarious! Robin Williams is given free reign and Edward Norton makes the cutest stuffed Rhino ever! It’s got funny kids songs (‘My Step-Dad’s Not Mean He’s Just Adjusting). Why don’t people like this film?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!

Some real enthusiasm from Sian there, and it turns out that ‘Death to Smoochy’ rocks a 38 on metacritic just one point above Darran’s ‘Battle LA’. Smoochy had a production budget of approximately $50 million and managed a paltry $8.5 million at the US box office, so it looks like Sian is almost on her own with that one but not content with just one admission she’s also put up; 

Bill & Ted’s Bogus journey. This film is RUBBISH. It is an awful sequel! Stupid story, stupid characters, they take it way too far, but oh my god I love it. I love it how Bill & Ted were like the last movie stoner characters to not actually use drugs… they were just cutely dumb naturally…

Bill and Ted actually pulled themselves a 60 on metacritic with this sequel, and as far as the movies on this list so far that’s akin to Avatar (blue cats not air benders) level of success. Having a look at the numbers would give this bogus journey some level of comfort with a US take of $37 million at the box office from a $20 million budget. Not a welcomed run at the cinema but not quite the disaster that was expected either.

Lastly we have the movies that I care to love at the bewilderment of others, particularly those of my generation and those movies are the Star Wars prequels. Arguably these films don’t really fit with the tone of this discussion, obviously they have generated large amounts of revenue from both their theatrical runs, DVD releases and blu-ray releases however they are the films that I’ve received the most amount of criticism in the last 10+ years for loving.

Across Episodes 1 to 3, I’ve engaged in many passionate debates about the quality of the prequel films, the scripts, acting, direction, and what the prequels have meant for the franchise with peers whom were once as enthusiastic about the franchise as myself but who have now put it aside as far as the prequels and much of the expanded universe goes.

Episodes 1 – 3 rate 51, 53 and 68 respectively on metacritic. I’ll just say that knowing the problems fans have with episodes 1 – 3, there is much I can still find to love about them, and enjoy a regular re-watch when the viewing schedule allows.

So there you have some of our much loved but widely criticised favourite films, let us know the films you love but feel like everybody else hates, be honest and you might find some others who share your opinions!

Leith spent most of his formative years growing up on the coastal fringes of Western Australia without a cinema in sight. There he grew up on the wonders of home rentals before relocating to Perth and gaining access to a proper cinematic experience just in time for the Star Wars Special Edition re-releases. From there Leith's love of movies expanded to volunteering on a Star Wars fan film, reviewing films, writing about film news, and attending film and pop-culture related conventions on the other side of the world. Leith's favourite films are too many to mention but all start with the Star Wars saga, Back to the Future, the Dark Knight trilogy, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and all things Kevin Smith. With an insatiable appetite for all things pop-culture related Leith also has an unhealthy addiction to the world of comics and can often be found buried under a pile of unread back issues madly trying to catch up on a number of titles coming out from mostly DC and Darkhorse.