It’s nearly here – Event Cinemas Whitford!

It’s nearly here – Event Cinemas Whitford!

AccessReel editor Darran was a cinema manager in a former life and knows what he likes when it comes to facilities for the cinema-going public, so he was happy to be invited to view the Whitford CIty Event Cinema set up. 

We all like shiny new toys and in my case a new cinema is one. Today I went up to the brand new Event Cinema at Westfield Whitford City for a look-see before it opens to the public on Thursday September 21.

Even before you get inside, it’s an impressive setting. Westfield have lashed out on the surroundings which include an attractive courtyard with a diverse food court and the Whitfords Brewing Co.

Once I got inside the actual cinema there was plenty to see. I took a few snaps on the iPhone which weren’t quite high-res enough to do justice to the luxury surroundings and slick new designs. (Feel free to improve my iPhone anytime, Apple!)

Let’s start with the best feature, both VMAX cinemas and the two Gold Class have DOLBY ATMOS. I sat down and got to see some test footage and was knocked out by the demo. Its always nice when you can see great pictures and also “feel it”. Avid film lovers will know what I mean, check out the video below.

The two VMAX and the Gold Lounge cinemas also have 4K Digital Projection. The VMAX cinemas have 21 metre digital screens and Cinema 1 can hold an impressive 432 people. They haven’t skimped on the seating. Each one has extra space, higher backs and great legroom. 

VMAX Cinema 1

The new Gold Glass Lounge is beautifully designed and exclusive, you just turn left as you come off the escalator and head straight through the doors. Seeing the trickles of gold through-out the lounge was a very nice touch. We at AccessReel love a bit of luxury when knocking back our popcorn and waiting for the new Channing Tatum or Jennifer Lawrence flick. 

The Gold Class Lounge has a massive bar right in the middle where you can relax prior to your movie, take in a classy beverage and discuss the acting chops of Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds. This place is big, folks. The scale is noticeable compared with other Perth cinema venues. 

They really went all out with the design on the Gold Lounge. What I didn’t catch it in these snaps was the extremely busy staff getting everything ready for Thursday’s launch.

The Candy Bar provides everything you will need in the one spot. And again, it’s spacious. Even on a normally crowded Marvel or Star Wars premiere, you’ll be able to move comfortably while choosing the correct candy and drink combo. You have to get this stuff right for maximum film watching pleasure. 

The Set Lounge has a well thought-out seating area and comfy couches. You might end up here after the film and discuss how Kylo Ren is going to be redeemed or why Bumblebee is the best Transformer. 

The tech here at the Event is truly impressive and it has been put in a venue that feels good to hang out in. This place is a fantastic addition to the current cinematic landscape north of the river and it is definitely worth checking out. Click here to see the session times starting from Thursday. 


Darran loves watching movies, listening to movies and generally everything movies which is mainly the reason why he started and roped some friends in to help him.. Favorite Films: Star Wars, Lost in Translation, Grosse Point Blank, Shawshank Redemption and any Kevin Smith or Tarantino.