New Ash For Evil Dead?

New Ash For Evil Dead?

We all know that they are remaking The Evil Dead, we can’t stop it and most of us don’t like it. However, as usual we have to know what is going on. Will it be a shot for shot remake? Will someone else be playing Ash? Will it make our heads explode with murderous fan boy rage? The deadite killing anti-hero himself; Bruce Campbell has answered some of those questions for you on his twitter account. 

Most of us already know that the script is being penned by Diablo (Juno, Jennifer’s Body) Cody, which has garnered mixed reactions, but the question that plagues us is Who will play Ash? Well Brucey has now clearly stated that there will be no Ash in this new Evil Dead movie and that it will be taking on a bold new direction. 

“No Ash character currently. Twitter fails when info gets fragmented. Last statement: ED remake is a re-telling. All bets are off & all involved love the new approach.”

So instead of being a remake it will be a “retelling”, removing one of the most popular and unique aspects of the film and changing the story. Will the name be all that remains? There are alot of films out there about a group of twenty somethings getting trapped in the woods with an evil force. It was the unique characters, effects, sound design and cinematography that made The Evil Dead a cult Icon. They cant have an Ash in the movie because the fans will hate them forever by disrespecting their idol but they cant have an Evil Dead film without him. Maybe they can find a new way to make it exciting and unique, or maybe it will end up having no soul to swallow.

Mr. Campbell likes the new approach (whatever it maybe be) should we just trust him?