New Deadpool Film Coming December 20?

New Deadpool Film Coming December 20?

Obviously for Fox Deadpool 2’s $734 million worldwide Box office wasn’t enough… a few days ago it was reported that an Untitled Deadpool film was slated for release in the US for December, today we learned its also getting released here in Australia on December 20 the exact same release date as Paramount’s Bumblebee and a week after the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse BUT its not your average Deadpool film.

Word on the street is its actually a PG re-release of Deadpool 2 so all you adults who went to see it and loved it can now re-live it with your minions. It’s no secret that when the Deadpool films are shot they do multiple takes of dialog for most scenes so it wouldn’t be too hard for them to put one together – Look at Anchorman 2 there was soo much unused dialog when the DVD was released they pushed out the SuperSized Edition which had exactly the same plot line but nearly every single joke was different. 

We will see any new footage? Well Ryan Reynolds tweeted out this..

For those uninitiated it seems its a throwback to The Princess Bride with Fred Savage reprising his role and Deadpool reading him a story… So seems like they may have shot some new scenes for this one!

Can’t wait to check it out and see what they did on December 20.


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