New Spawn Film!

New Spawn Film!

Those of us old enough may recall a time back in the 90’s when a few of the writers and artists at Marvel Comics decided to break out on their own and form a new company called Image Comics. This group included names such as Erik Larson, Jim Lee, as well as Todd McFarlane, the creator of one of the most successful Image launch titles – Spawn.

Spawn experienced popularity for a number of years, and for a time even rivaled the highest selling titles that Marvel and DC had to offer. Spawn enjoyed a number of spin of comic series as well as three seasons of an animated series and, you guessed it, a live action film. The film was released in 1997, back when comic based film were still on the rare side but unfortunately it didn’t fare too well either critically or financially.

In the last twenty odd years, there have been plenty of rumors about a new Spawn film, including a number of comments from Todd McFarlane himself, but it’s never eventuated. This past San Diego Comic con weekend has seen further reports emerge that a new Spawn film is indeed on its way, with McFarlane confirming a film is actually now in development, with producer Jason Blum at Blumhouse Productions on board to make the project happen.

No other details were announced such as cast or release date, however McFarlane did comment that this new film would mark his directorial debut, and that this story would not be a continuation of the 1997 film.

So there you have it Spawn fans, this might indeed be the best sign ever received of a new film actually making it into production, but with details so scarce we might want to wait a little longer before really getting our hopes up (if indeed a McFarlane directed Spawn film is something we should be hoping for in the first place!).

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