New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Images

New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Images

With the Full Trailer release lurking ever so close, over the past week Paramount Pictures has been releasing Images via in anticipation and to possibly build hype of the third movie in the Transfomers franchise, titled TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. I loved the first movie, the second was okay but not great and the third one it’s on my to see list but I’m not quite sold yet, maybe when the new trailer hits that will make up my mind. Check out the images below.


Transformers Picture 1

Transformers Picture 2

Transformers Picture 3

Transformers Picture 4

Transformers Picture 5

Transformers Picture 6

Transformers Picture 7

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON is due to hit Cinemas on the June 30th 2011.

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