No more sex and the city…please!

No more sex and the city…please!

Firstly, let me say that I am a big, big, HUGE fan of the Sex and the City television show. I own every episode every made, and have watched each of them at least four times. It was a wonderful show with realistic characters going through realistic situations, the only thing that seemed a trifle unrealistic was the money they all seemed to be throwing around. We can’t all be rich and that stylish all of the time. Anyhoo, great show, great script, great acting, so…

How did it go so wrong? The first movie was a sell-out, and I don’t mean that it sold a lot of tickets, although it did. I mean that it was a sell-out as in; it didn’t follow the conventions of a typical Sex and the City episode. It was okay, but it was like they just made a movie for the sake of making a movie. Despite the fact that it went for twice the length of an episode, they didn’t manage to fit the complex sub-plots and plot into the movie. It had a cheesy happy ending, and left me feeling violently ill, and cheated.

The second movie, I would go as far as saying that it was a complete disaster. I might have walked out, or driven out (as I was at the drive-in), but I am too much of a devoted fan to give up like that. The characters, whoever they were, were selfish, outlandish, and downright annoying. They were not the girls I grew to know and love that I watched in the series. Did the person who wrote the script even watch the series? The girls should not have gone to Abu Dhabi and made idiots of themselves, they should have stayed in New York and dealt with real issues at home. They went way off track with this movie.

Kristin Davis does not feel positive about there being a third movie, saying : ‘We made 300 million internationally…There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down.’

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Please, make them stop!  Make them stop before they completely destroy the good reputation of the series.