Nominees Revealed for the 2023 WA Screen Culture Awards

Nominees Revealed for the 2023 WA Screen Culture Awards

Celebrating the achievement, innovation and ambition of our local industry, the WA Screen Culture Awards (WASCAs) embrace all forms from new, established and emerging screen practices.

Now in its fourth year the WASCAs will be held on Sunday 26 November at Luna Cinemas Leederville hosted by comedian and YouTuber Ethan Marrell AKA Ozzy Man.

“The WASCAs are dedicated to acknowledging innovation and achievement across the entire screen sector in WA,” says Revelation Film Festival Director Richard Sowada.

“The event is unique on the national cultural scene in its approach in platforming and unifying all moving image forms in the one event to show the depth and diversity of the local sector. In doing this, we look toward not just platforming and rewarding these forms but encouraging their development in building a fully integrated cultural environment.”

With a background in filmmaking, host Ethan Marrell created the character Ozzy Man back in 2014 focussing on the world of social media. Ozzy Man Reviews has amassed 12M followers on Facebook, 5.81M subscribers on Youtube and 3.6M followers on TikTok.

Marrell has taken selfies with a Hemsworth, cuddled Jack Black and now he’s flinging out WASCA awards and of the upcoming event says, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of something in an industry I quit about 10 years ago!”

We look forward to announcing the winners from the following outstanding nominees across 21 categories and two Special Industry Awards:

Innovation Awards
• Narrative Feature Film with budget under $1m
o Frank and Frank
o Rampage Electra
o Sweet Rhythm
o Violett

Narrative Feature Film with budget over $1m
o He Ain’t Heavy
o It Only Takes A Night

Feature Documentary / Non Fiction
o Black Cockatoo Crisis
o Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep?
o The Last Song

Short Film / Animation
o An Origin of Rape Culture
o Bird Drone
o Making Waves
o Max Pam: The Freddie Incident
o Tee Ken Ng
o The Grey Line

Student Film
o Dare to Dream
o Diary of Death
o Injustice
o Melody of Life
o School Makes Me…
o Tea’s Ready

o Claremont – A Killer Among Us
o New Leash on Life
o Ningaloo Nyinggulu

Music Video
o Anna Schneider – Lyrebird
o Booxkid – The Battle
o Bad Weather – Flowers in Your Room
o Moana – Kingdom and Temple
o Studio Orange – Healthy Hygiene Behaviours

Game Design
o Nekograms
o Tactical Response: PVP, Apocalypse and Genesis

Commercial Content
o 2023 Certified Organic Vintage – Voyager Estate, Margaret River
o Kaleep
o Raith Skateboards – World Record Attempt
o Real Good Honey – Nothing to Hide
o Wizard Pharmacy: Xmas Rap!
o World Transplant Games 2023

Moving Image and Installation
o A Leap of Faith
o LightWaves

Virtual Reality, 360° or Augmented Reality
o Bidi Walbraaniny – Path to Healing
o BoodjAR
o Tactical Response: PVP, Apocalypse and Genesis
o The Careful Project – Kiera Jas – Thoughts
o Wiluna Martu Ranger VR – Protecting Culture and Country

Web Series or Online Content
o Dr Russell’s World of Curiosities
o Love Me Lex
o Puntukurnu – Smoking Aware
o Cool Mum

Outstanding Achievement Awards

o Claremont – A Killer Among Us – Anthony Barwell
o He Ain’t Heavy – David Vincent Smith
o I’m Not a Nurse – Jessica Bailey
o Making Waves – Christian Horgan
o Raising Thunder – Kaleb McKenna
o Tee Ken Ng – Ella Wright

Cinematography or Visualisation
o Bird Drone – Radheya Jegatheva
o He Ain’t Heavy – Lewis Potts
o I’m Not a Nurse – Damian Fasolo
o Marlu Man – Christian Kennedy
o Tee Ken Ng – Rhys Jones

o Bird Drone – Clare Toonen
o Good Fortune – Lata Periakarpen
o He Ain’t Heavy – David Vincent Smith
o It Only Takes A Night – Callan Durlik
o Love Me Lex – Sanja Katich
o Ningaloo Nyinggulu – Tim Winton, Peter Rees

o Frank and Frank – Myles Pollard
o He Ain’t Heavy – Greta Scacchi
o He Ain’t Heavy – Sam Corlett
o I’m Not a Nurse – Christine Ayo
o It Only Takes A Night – Ana Ika
o Love Me Lex – Sarah Light

Performance Under 18s
o A Novel Christmas – Koko Kelemete
o Raising Thunder – Chloe Brink
o Violett – Valentina Blagojevic
o When Doves Fly – Lauren Campbell

Production Design (incl. costume, set design, hair and makeup etc)
o A Novel Christmas – Casey Renzullo, Kayleigh Lux
o He Ain’t Heavy – Emma Fletcher
o It Only Takes A Night – Johnny Ma
o The Redemption – Stephanie Davis
o Violett – Helena Polley

o Good Fortune – Saxon Wright
o He Ain’t Heavy – Antony Webb
o Love Me Lex – Oliver Dear
o Tee Ken Ng – David Vincent Smith
o The Grey Line – Scott Quayle

Sound or Sound Design
o Claremont: A Killer Among Us – Ben Morris, Kim Lord
o I’m Not a Nurse – Ben Morton
o It Only Takes A Night – Nick Gallagher
o Ningaloo Nyinggulu – Ric Curtin, Xoe Baird, Glenn Martin, Brett Stayt, Elizabeth Parer-Cook, Marcus Lorenz
o Raising Thunder – Brad Habib, Holly Miller, Jake Isard, Tam Glover, Brendan Hill, James Brock

Original Music
o A Novel Christmas – Andrew James Bartlett
o An Origin of Rape Culture – Nicholas Gardiner
o I’m Not a Nurse – Ben Morton
o Raising Thunder – Robert Woods
o Violett – Steven J. Mihaljevich, Ben Chase

Two Special Industry Awards will also be announced at the event – the Independent Spirit Award and the Contribution to the Industry, presented by the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

The awards night includes the official awards presentation, followed by post-event celebration into the night at Luna Cinemas Leederville. Tickets are $50 and are available online at

The WASCAs are proudly presented and produced by the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in collaboration with the WA screen industry.

Find out more online at

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