Odd Thomas Update – First Casting News

Odd Thomas Update – First Casting News

Things are moving fast on the adaptation of Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas. Bringing this film to the big screen is Stephen Sommers. Sommers, who recently turned down the GI Joe sequel in favour of Odd Thomas, is due to start principal photography sometime this year for a mid-2012 release.

Having seen the adaptations of Koontz’s novels being made with varying success, it seems that, this time, the filmmakers have been careful with the material and with Sommers also writing the screenplay, we can only hope that it’s a coherent and successful film.

Anton Yelchin, (Star Trek 09’s Chekov and Terminator: Salvations Kyle Reese), will be playing the titular character.

As a big fan of the series, I am not against him being cast as Odd Thomas, but I would have liked to have seen someone more ‘seasoned’ and, let’s face it, less nerdy.

If Jake Gyllenhaal had been 10 years younger, he would have been perfect for the role, but at least it’s not Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg.

Below is a trailer for the 4th Book in the series, Odd Hours

Odd Thomas is scheduled for release in 2012