Olivia Wilde back for Tron 3

Olivia Wilde back for Tron 3

Joseph Kosinski is back behind the camera for Tron 3 as well as Garrett Hedlund who will reprise the role of Sam Flynn. Now reports are coming in that Olivia Wilde has also signed back on to play Quorra.

Disney is yet to announce anything from development to even announcing Tron 3 is actually happening, but it does look like everything is moving forward to the point that the film is actually shooting in October in Vancover.

It’s also rumoured that the film will be titled “Tron: Ascension” and honestly I can’t wait, I absolutely loved the first film, loved the second film just as much and can’t wait to see where the third will take us.

I also hope that Daft Punk will be back to score the film but another rumour floating around is that Skrillex is doing, I personally hope not.

Let’s hope more information comes very soon. Check out the trailer to Tron: Legacy below as a bit of a refresher.

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