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Once bitten, never shy.

Once bitten, never shy.

Emma Stone is a vicious talent, who seems to be popping up in everything nowadays. Getting everyone’s attention with a black eye in Super Bad, making us all remember how fast rumours spread in high school with Easy A and soon she will be twirling golden locks through her fingers as Gwen Stacey in the new Spiderman. It was for me, however her memorable performance as the “dont give a crap about you” survivor in Zombie land that made me love her. Dicing and slicing zombies came naturally to her, which it is why it is no surprose that she has her eye on the the zombie plague again. 

Pride and prejudice and Zombies, you can’t really get more random than that, but Lionsgate has Craig Gillespie directing and (among others) Natalie Portman producing, so I’m pretty optimistic. They somehow managed to take the Jane Austen classic tale of Elizabeth Bennet’s longing for love and independance, throw it into a bucket of crazy, sprinkle it with zombie carnage and maybe even garnish it with Emma Stone. Tasty. 

There is no denying that PPZ is going to be an interesting ride, and if they allow Stone on board we at least no there is going to be some feistyness amongst the zombie-spoiled tea parties and it will be nice to see the deadly zombie virus wreak havoc on the well to do of yesteryear. Love the idea or hate the idea, you cant deny, Emma Stone will help ease the pain after they butcher this classic. Don’t hold your breathe until it comes though, Pride and Prejudice will not be out in cinemas until 2013. 

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