Outdoor Biography

Outdoor Biography

For those of you playing at home, The Luna Outdoor in Leederville has a range of fine biographical flicks nommed at the recent Oscars. 

Friday 6th March is story of Alan Turing’s World War 2 code-breaking experiences in THE IMITATION GAME starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Saturday 7th March is the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING. Actor Eddie Redmayne who plays Hawking, won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance. Monday 9th-Wednesday 11th is the story of sharpshooter Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) in AMERICAN SNIPER.

The offering on Sunday 8th March switches gears for the very fictional THE ROOM. For those new to the cult classic, your host Tristan Fidler will guide you through a unique cinematic experience. 

All movies start at 8pm, check out the full Luna Outdoor program here.

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