Outdoors: Dance Tale, Music Stories

Outdoors: Dance Tale, Music Stories

The Luna Outdoors in Leederville offers two unusual films this week. A provocative film based in dance and a cutting-edge documentary about women in Australian music. Booking details here.

CLIMAX (8.15 PM, Mon 10, Tues 11)

In this Cannes award winner, legendary provocateur Gaspar Noé delivers an ecstatic and nightmarish orgy of sex, drugs and 90s club music that re-establishes his credentials as modern cinema’s most incisive and inventive observer of humanity’s animal darkness.

Twenty young dancers rehearse in an empty hall. Beneath strobing lights and pounding music, their bodies contort and writhe into hypnotic, unearthly shapes. Then it’s over and the party proper begins, a humming declaration of youth and beauty and charged eroticism. But this is Gaspar Noé (ENTER THE VOID ) we’re talking about, and soon one fateful decision will send them spiralling into a frantic hellscape where they’ll discover the true savagery hiding behind their façades.

Noé is no stranger to cinematic overload and in CLIMAX he turns in his most viscerally affecting work yet. A runaway train of a film told in long Steadicam shots, extraordinary choreography and a pulsing soundtrack from the likes of Daft Punk and Aphex Twin, this is Noé doing what he does best: taking us deep into the forbidden and unspoken reaches of our own humanity.


HER SOUND HER STORY (8.15 PM, Wed 12, Thur 13)


HER SOUND, HER STORY is an intimate conversation unveiling the personal experiences, histories and significant social impacts of women in the Australian music industry. Featuring more than 45 artists spanning six decades, its unique narrative brims with rage, strength, beauty and triumph: a moving and powerful dialogue that extends beyond the music industry to ask, “Where do we want women’s voices to sit in the world today?”

Featuring conversations with beloved artists including Tina Arena, Julia Stone, Renee Gayer, Jen Cloher, Mojo Muju, Simona Castricum, Sampa The Great, Emma Donovan and many more, HER SOUND, HER STORY navigates the unique challenges faced by women and sounds a collective voice beyond perceived boundaries of style, age and race. Through the inspiration of unique stories and shared experience, the documentary provides a platform of solace and nurtures a deeper sense of connective community.

Ultimately, HER SOUND, HER STORY is an optimistic portrayal of the power of creativity over adversity. In looking to the future, it aims to inspire the next generation of young women to new and unprecedented aspirations.

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