Paranormal Activity 2 – Is your house haunted?

Paranormal Activity 2 – Is your house haunted?

Do you live in a haunted house? Is your property plaugued by ghouls, spectres or ghosts? Well Paramount Pictures want to help and they are ready to believe you!

To tie in with the upcoming PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, Paramount Pictures are giving you the chance to become a part of an on-line, real time event over 3 days.

From the 14th to 17th of October, Paramount has set up a paranormal survillance website where you, armed with a webcam, can film a room in your house that you might think is haunted and hopefully the webcam, and some very keen observers on the net, will be able to capture something strange.

To participate visit for full instructions. Any interesting footage will also be posted there over the course of the campaign.

All activity will be monitored in real time here:

This is a worldwide event so if there is such activity going on, hopefully we will see the results soon. Could be another sequel idea in there somewhere?

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 opens in Australia on October 21st.