Particles, Wiseau and Jazz

Particles, Wiseau and Jazz

The Luna Outdoor in Leederville continues its summer season of cool and thought-provoking cinema with two excellent documentaries and one mind-boggling drama.


Imagine being able to watch as Edison turned on the first light bulb, or as Franklin received his first jolt of electricity? PARTICLE FEVER gives audiences a front row seat to our generation’s most significant and inspiring scientific breakthrough as it happens. The film follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider, marking the start-up of the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the planet. 10,000 scientists from over 100 countries join forces in pursuit of a single goal: to recreate conditions that existed just moments after the Big Bang and find the Higgs boson, potentially explaining the origin of all matter. But our heroes confront an even bigger challenge: have we reached our limit in understanding why we exist? PARTICLE FEVER is a celebration of discovery, revealing the very human stories behind the tale of this epic experiment.

Particle Fever Prize Packs to be won!

Thu 18, Mon 22 and Tue 23 December at 8.15pm. More info here.


KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON  (M) 84mins

First-time Australian director/drummer Alan Hicks travels to the U.S. to follow and film 89-year-old jazz legend, Clark Terry (Quincy Jones’s first teacher) over four years – to document an unlikely mentorship between Terry and a driven, blind piano prodigy, Justin Kauflin, 23. Clark mentored Miles Davis as a young musician and is among the few performers ever to have played in both Count Basie’s and Duke Ellington’s bands. IN KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, as Justin is invited to compete in an elite, international competition while battling terrible stage fright, we are witness to two great friends tackling the toughest challenges of their interwoven lives.The film, from the producer of The Cove and Chasing Ice, captures the passing of the torch from a cultural icon to potentially his last student, inspiring viewers in climactic, cinematic fashion.

Fri 19, Sat 20 and Wed 24 December at 8.15pm. More info here.

And your early Christmas present, a repeat screening of THE ROOM!


THE ROOM (M) 99mins

The Room returns to the Big Screen to celebrate another great summer of outdoor movies at Luna Outdoor.  The evenings are hosted by our resident  Room guru TRISTAN FIDLER who will guide you through a really strange, bizarre & unique cinematic experience! Viewer guides and plastics spoons provided.

Bring your friends and plastic spoons and join The Luna Outdoor crew as Tommy Wiseau returns to the big screen for another sensational  night of this of the cult phenomena that’s so bad it’s good! The Room is basically a love triangle set in a San Francisco apartment building. But it’s filled with sub-plots that go nowhere, dodgy green-screen skylines, lots of un-sexy sex scenes and acting that wouldn’t pass muster on a soft-focus soapie. The Room has garnered a massive world-wide cult following (especially in Perth!) leaving audiences stunned and laughing and is beloved by comic actors such as Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd and Alec Baldwin.

Sunday 21 December. Doors open 7.00pm. Film starts 8.15pm. More info here.

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