Perth, Get Your FREAKS On This Weekend!

Perth, Get Your FREAKS On This Weekend!

Friends, Perthians, Accessreelers, lend us your eyes and read up on the new movie, FREAKS, which wasn’t scheduled to be shown in our fair city, but Accessreel has made it happen! We have set up not one, but TWO screenings at The Backlot in West Perth. 

But why? Because in its festival journey last year FREAKS scored highly with critics and audiences. Co writers and directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam B.Stein choose to keep the audience guessing with a series of smart twists a genre-shifts and as a result have created something that we think Perth film-heads need to see and enjoy!

The American-Canadian film is billed as a sci-fi-thriller but there are a bunch of other sub-genres smuggled into its 104-minute length. This clever film sets out to get noticed by film fans and it utterly delivers the goods in the writing and performance departments. Star Emile Hirsch plays the loving, determined and sometimes odd father of young Chloe (Lexy Kolker). He prevents her from leaving their rather dilapidated house. He says there are real dangers outside. As time passes, Chloe’s desire to go outside the house increases when she sees children playing and she glimpses the ice cream truck of Mr Snowcone (Bruce Dern). 

Dern and Hirsch bring the expected intensity to their roles. Kolker’s performance as young Chloe is comparable with other powerful child performances like Dafne Keen in LOGAN (2017) and Hayley Joel Osment in THE SIXTH SENSE (1999). 

So book to see FREAKS and check out a movie that we, Accessreel folks, find entertaining and engaging and very different from the run-of-the-mill movie. Catch it on the big screen in these two screenings, this weekend.

Tickets are $15.00 each. The film will screen at: The Backlot, 21 Simpson Street, West Perth, 

7pm –  Friday 27 September 

2pm –  Sunday 29th September. 


We’ll see you at The Backlot for FREAKS.


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