Perth International Queer Film Festival

Perth International Queer Film Festival

The Perth International Queer Film Festival celebrates all that is great about International Queer Cinema this September!

Teaming with The Backlot Perth, this will be a chance to see some amazing queer films from all over the world. Over 1200 film makers submitted films for the 2017 program! The festival is a fundraising initiative of the WA AIDS Council.

Some of the films include


A drifter reconnects with his abuser from when he was a child and wrestles with his sexuality whilst also plotting his revenge and attempting to make some sense of his life. Reconnecting with his mother and still grappling with the complex relationships from his childhood his life comes into focus with tragic consuequences.


MICHAEL REPSCH | USA | 2016 | 18+
This taut psychological drama follows a lonely, middle-aged man who hires a male prostitute to recreate a road trip from his past. When the past catches up with the present what will the outcome be?


JOHN G YOUNG | USA| 2017 | 18+ | 85 MINS |
After the death of his son, Brad (Anthony Rapp) becomes entangled in a chaotic and passionate online love affair with Yenny (Jimmy Brooks), a young Jamaican man. With both Brad and his wife Marcia (De’Adre Aziza) seeking solace in destructive ways, their lives and relationships are pushed to the brink, culminating in tragic confrontations that no one can avoid.


JENNIFER REEDER | USA | 2017 | 18+ | 80 MINS |
Zyanab is a young Muslim Pakistani woman who moves back in with her mother following the breakup of a relationship. This light hearted comedy then follows Zyanab as she falls in love with a female wrestler.

CENTRE OF MY WORLD (Germany/Austria)

JAKOB ENWA | GERMANY | AUSTRIA | 2016 | 18+ | 115 MINS |
After a summer spent trying to dodge family conflicts, a young man returns to school and begins to question his feelings toward Nicholas, a new classmate and the evolution of his relationship with his best friend Kat.

FLUIDO (Germany)

SHU LEA CHEANG | GERMANY | 2017 | 18+ | 88 MINS |
Fluidø is a 2017 German science fiction film directed by Shu Lea Cheang. It was fist screened in the Panorama section at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. Set in the 2060s, the film depicts a world in which HIV/AIDS has been fully eradicated. In some people, however, the virus has mutated into a gene which can be extracted to create a new psychoactive drug, leading to the creation of an extensive underground network of human trafficking to capture the carriers of this mutation in order to manufacture the drug.


DEEPTHI TADANKI | INDIA | 2017 | 18+ | 81 MINS |
The film is a work of fiction and not a documentary. The primal focus of making this film is to let the audience understand that lesbianism is not a disease that needs to be cured; it is as natural as heterosexuality.

Case studies across the globe have chronicled cases of “Corrective Rape” on women who’ve been discovered to be lesbians and as heinous as it may sound – the immediate kith and kin of the girl permit strangers to let the girl get raped, foolishly assuming that that is the only corrective measure for their girl to be cured from lesbianism and she will start thinking “normally”.

This film has no intention of disrespecting any culture or tradition of any clan or belief, however if the film manages to open a debate about the tragic realities it speaks about and changes the mindset of at least a few individuals, it could be termed a success.

“Satyavati” will stand a story of example of why we need to understand each other on levels of “Humanity” more, than inclining our existence on misconstrued and judgmental rules of some traditional influence or preaching of pre-historic literary references.


FABIO MASSA | ITALY | 2017 | 18+ | 80 MINS |
The festival will close with a film by Fabio Massa Aeffetto Domino is a movie about a life and its transformation. It’s a story of Lorenzo: sad news about his state of health will change his existence, causing a domino effect on his life and on the lives of people he loves as he heads home from Africa to face the consequences.

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