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Perth Supanova 2012 – Tom Taylor

Perth Supanova 2012 – Tom Taylor

Leith sits down with Tom Taylor – 2012 has already been a busy year for Tom Taylor. His creator-owned book The Deep: Here Be Dragons won the Aurealis Award for ‘Best Graphic Novel’. He’s already killed Boba Fett in the current Star Wars: Boba Fett is Dead series and he is writing a series titled Darth Maul: Death Sentence, which directly follows on from the events of the Clone Wars TV show.

DC Comics announced Tom will be returning Rose and Thorn to the DC Universe later in the year and will also be writing a short BATMAN story, with fellow Australian, Nicola Scott on art. Earlier in the year, Tom and Colin Wilson teamed up to send Cliff Secord to war in Rocketeer Adventures for IDW, while Taylor announced he also has something upcoming for 2000AD, meaning he will have work published by five separate comic book publishers in 2012.

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