Peter Jacksons ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Costs More Than Expected

Peter Jacksons ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Costs More Than Expected


When you think of a Hollywood film and its budget, the average amount is usually around $30 million USD. Well, Peter Jackson is no average director and neither are his films or their budgets. His latest trilogy has copped massive criticism over its budget. 

THE HOBBIT is Peter Jacksons latest trilogy. The first film was released on Boxing Day 2012 and the others are still to be seen on the big screen. The trilogy has cost more than half a billion dollars thus far. With 266 days of shooting (not including two months of pick ups) and heavy post-production time will most likely generate an even greater amount spent on the unfinished project. 

All up, the trilogy has cost $676 million New Zealand dollars, which is equivalent to $596.9 million AUD (in todays exchange rate). Regardless of the costs to make the three blockbuster films, Peter Jackson and distributor Warner Bros. consider this production a positive investment. The first film made a substantial amount at the global box office; over $1 billion. At the going rate, the trilogy will be in the green after all three films cinema release and will most likely make back the cost and then some. 

With the advantage of technology and the decision to release the film in 48fps (frames per second) instead of the industry standard 24fps, the trilogy has done well considering the mixed reviews of 48fps. 

How well do you think the second installment will be received by cinema audiences and are you a fan of the 48fps?

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