Pitch Perfect 3 trailer is here

Pitch Perfect 3 trailer is here

The Barden Bellas are back again for the second time. Or should we say here’s the second Pitch Perfect sequel. Or maybe we’ll just say the PITCH PERFECT 3 trailer has arrived.

The number three film in any franchise is traditionally a time when stories and characters can go anywhere. According to this here trailer, the Bellas are finding life after college a bit difficult; some are doing non-glamorous stuff at the back end of farm animals, others are losing their jobs, but then suddenly, they concoct a reason to get the gang together and head to Europe, the location for every hilarious US comedy-franchise sequel ever made. Trust us when we say this.

So, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Check. Anna Camp and Brittany Snow. Check. So far so good. The welcome return of Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins reprising their snide commentator double-act from the first movie. Check! (Banks directed PITCH PERFECT 2 and has handed the baton to Trish Sie who directed STEP UP: ALL IN.)

In addition to the usual cast, this sequel also has action sequences with explosions, because why not? And it contains 100% more Ruby Rose than any other Pitch Perfect movie. No doubt it’s all part of the Australian actor’s plan to dominate world media by 2020 and we at AccessReel are all aboard with that. The Pitch Perfect 3 Australian release is scheduled for January 2018.

And before you enjoy the trailer, please note how restrained we were about throwing around an aca-bunch of those made-up aca-words, because we care here at aca-AccessReel. You’re welcome.

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