Problems At Hogwarts

Problems At Hogwarts

The Harry Potter fans of WA banded together last night in their nifty Harry Potter Costumes to catch the first screening of the final chapter of the film series in 3D. Word has it though a technical glitch left hundreds of the fans dissapointed as the film would not play. 

A hardrive fault has been blamed for the mishap which resulted in the 3D Midnight screenings at a couple of WA Cinemas of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 being abandoned. Visibly upset, the eager patrons were forced to line up for half an hour in order to receive their refunds. One patron mentioned that they attempted to start the film seven times before, ultimately needing to call it a night. Although alot of the fans were angered by the events, alot were simply happy to dress up as their favorite character for the last time. 

To be fair it was not the cinemas who were screening the film’s fault, although they should have checked before the screening, busy times cause mistakes. Although those fans who were left without their Potter fix last night, might have been deflated by the disappointment, it will not dissolve their enthusiasm for the film. Hopefully all the glitches will be fixed and last epic battle between good and evil can commence. 

We have also been made aware of the issue in a few cinemas in Victoria aswell. Will update this as I receive more information. 

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