Quest to Find Ultimate Hobbit Fans!

Quest to Find Ultimate Hobbit Fans!

Nerds arise! You could be sitting pretty with Peter Jackson himself at the first public HOBBIT III screening.  All you have to do is out-nerd your fellow nerds!  (I use the word “nerds” lovingly…after all; I am one!)

Apparently Peter Jackson has a thing for ‘quests’.

I can see him now sitting in his private jet pondering: ‘The quest to destroy the ring of power and save Middle Earth? Check….hmmm what else can I do? I know! A quest to reclaim a lonely old mountain from a fire-breathing dragon? Check! What can I do now?…..YES! I have it!’

P.J will be launching a brand new quest starting August 25th, searching for the ultimate LOTR/Hobbit fans from around the world.

With the announcement only made yesterday, details are still scarce. It is clear, however, that the winners will score a trip to the real Middle Earth (New Zealand) and nab a seat at a special screening with the big man himself.

Jackson has delivered a nice little greeting on the web page Or you can watch it below.

The word “register” is floating around The Hobbit Facebook page, but I’m yet to see a ‘register’ link on the contest’s website…it may be still under construction. If anyone finds it, help out a fellow nerd and post it in the comment section below.

Goodluck! After all,  “There’s plenty for the both of us, may the best Dwarf win!” (Gimli, ROTK)

(Meanwhile, I offer Peter Jackson some words of caution – I’ve seen some of these “ultimate fans” at conventions…it can be scary! And he’s volunteering to sit in a dark, enclosed room with them?! He’s one brave man!)

You can also see the brand new teaser for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies also below.

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