Reading Cinemas Belmont – New Gold Lounge

Reading Cinemas Belmont –  New Gold Lounge

A week or so ago I posted about Belmont Readings renovations and the new TITAN XC Cinema and this week I thought its time to post about my experience the other day in the new Gold Lounge. Its now fully open and operational it boasts 3 Cinemas with 44 seats.

Now in Perth you have your niche premium cinemas including Gold Class at Event Cinema’s Innaloo, La Premiere at Hoyts Carousel and lastly the Cine Gold Lounge at Ace Cinemas Midland. I have managed to attend all these cinemas over recent years and La Premiere was always my favorite but for some reason Belmonts new Gold Lounge seems far more comfortable and it also seems to me the Architects really sat down and thought it out.

Just to list some of the things I liked about it.

Gold Lounge.

  • As you walk in you will see these massive landscape pictures on the walls, including Shrek and King Kong just to name a few.
  • The ambience with the lighting and the general feel of the area made me feel pretty relaxed. Would be a great place to just chill out before a film.
  • Plenty of seating, depending on if you are in a large group or just a couple there is alot of very comfortable seating available. Theres benches with multiple seats or just two seats opposite each other.
  • They have a pretty Large Bar where you can order your food/drinks. They also have an extremely good range of Alcoholic Beverages plus your Coffee/Tea, Soft Drinks etc.
  • As you walk down towards the cinemas You also have a waiting area just outside the cinemas themselves with more great pictures on the walls.


  • I expected a rather smallish Cinema but as I walked in there actually a really good size with plenty of space between the seats.
  • The seats themselves are Leather Recliners but instead of manually operating them its all done by a push of a button (you can adjust the back of the seat and the leg rest, two separate buttons)
  •  Screen Size is great, its alot larger then I expected.
  • General Quality of Sound/Projection quality is fantastic.
  • One of the biggest features would have to be the “Call Button” push it and someone comes to you!

So there’s are just a few things I have observed on my first viewing, will be going back for another one in the next week or so. I think this Cinema is a fantastic addition to the Premium Screens around Perth and I would definitely recommend you guys checking it out.

Now all of you guys are waiting to see the Price, well its pretty much on par with all the other Premium Screens in Perth.

Week Day –  $26.00
3D Weekday – $29.00
Weeknight Premium – $35.00
3D Premium – $38.00

For More information on the Gold Lounge you can check out there website here.





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