Red Dawn 2010

Red Dawn 2010

With the depressing news about MGM bankruptcy been discussed over at Screenrant, there is concern about the future release of the 2010 version of Red Dawn, previously slated for release in November.

It is currently listed as still in production but from all information such as actor interviews it appears major filming is completed and just awaiting the green light for the finishing touches and distribution.

If Red Dawn 2010 does not make it for release this November, it may assist the Australian film Tommorrow When The War Began to have a better chance at wider international success perhaps?

With the original being in my top 10 of cold war films, I cant wait to see this modern adaption where China plays the foe. Chinese media has been sharp to criticize the upcoming release, and who can blame them when symbols of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army are used in a satirical manner to promote the film in the teaser material? However it wouldnt be the first time that negative commentary has been a positive in raising a films profile prior to release.

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